Inside of garage door showing broken spring needs maintenanceWe never give our garage door opener a thought, until it doesn’t work. Let’s say it goes up 4 times a day and down 4. That’s 2,920 times a year the garage door motor and mechanism is lifting or lowering the door.

The motor can only lift so much so the heavy duty overhead springs are tightly coiled. The unwind and rewind to bear most of the load. And those springs have a certain amount of actions in them and then they break. That’s normally when people in the Greenville area first call American Doormasters. And if that’s the case, we will fix you right up. We carry a huge inventory of garage door springs right on our trucks.

But you might also consider calling us for occasional maintenance. Is your garage door noisy? Does the chain droop? When was the last time a garage door professional examined your door for signs of wear and to lubricate it? Garage doors don’t need a lot of maintenance but a little goes a long way to prevent a panic phone call later.

Whether you need a repair or want to schedule maintenance, give us a call and schedule and appointment. 864-990-3075. We’ll take professional care of your garage door at a great price.