Man points garage door opener at door with broken garage door springsAmerican Door Masters gets a lot of calls about garage doors that don’t work. Broken garage door springs is a common reason but not the only one.

Garage doors are extremely heavy so tension springs are installed to help lift the door. With properly tensioned garage door springs, you can easily open your garage door without the automatic opener using only a couple of fingers on one hand. If a tension spring breaks, it takes an extremely strong person to open the same garage door using all his or her strength. Broken springs are a common cause of garage door failure. American Door Masters has just about every kind of garage door spring right on the truck. Replacing these high-tension springs is very dangerous to the untrained so this is not a good job to do yourself. Our technicians are trained and experienced.

Another cause of failure can be in the remote control. It can be as simple as worn out batteries or it could be that the switch on the handheld remote is broken. If you have a broken wireless garage door remote, you can easily buy a new one yourself. What’s not so easy is programming the new remote so that it works with your existing garage door opener. If you’re not comfortable climbing a ladder to program your opener or don’t want to follow complicated instructions for programming it yourself, consider calling American Door Masters.

Garage doors have photo eye sensors positioned on the floor. This is a safety feature. If anything breaks the beam, the garage door won’t close all the way. It will assume that something is in the way so, for safety reasons, the door goes back up.  These can break if accidentally kicked or hit with something, or they can simply fall out of alignment. American Door Masters technicians can realign or replace problem photo eye sensors.

Garage doors ride on tracks. If the tracks get too dirty, your garage door can get noisy, or it might not open at all. The tracks might need lubrication or they could be out of alignment. American Door Masters can lubricate, realign or replace garage door tracks as needed.

Whatever help you need for your garage door, American Door Masters can provide. Need new garage doors? We offer those too. Call us today. (864) 990-3075