stylish garage doorsBuying a new garage door requires some planning. There are lots of good reasons to buy a replacement garage door. You may need to replace it  because of age, wear or rot or you just want something that looks better.  Whatever the reason, replacement creates the opportunity to upgrade. Function is important but so is the way it looks. It’s well-known that curb-appeal, the way a house looks from the street, has a lot to do with its market value. And one of the most prominent features of a house is the garage door.

Matching the garage door style to your house

A garage door that looks great on one house may not go with another. For inspiration you can look at houses like yours online or in your neighborhood to see what style of door goes with your home’s style. Garage doors perform an important function but can also make your whole house look better.

Choosing the right material

Choosing the right material for your new garage door is important. Each material has its own characteristics and advantages.


Steel is popular because of its durability and style versatility. They are painted with special paint that resists fading.


Aluminum doors are popular too. They’re light and less expensive than steel but they aluminum is less forgiving if accidentally hit with a tendency to dent.


Fiberglass doors are energy efficient which is one reason people choose them. Fiberglass is good at tampering noise and make less noise of their own.


Wood is an excellent insulating material but garage doors made of wood require more maintenance than other options. Some people love the look and feel of real wood and won’t accept any substitutes.

Composite Wood

Composite wood is very strong but like real wood, it requires more maintenance.

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