garage door maintenance mechanism insideWe rarely think about our garage doors and that’s a good thing. A well-designed garage door and opener will work reliably for a long time without us having to do much.

But, a little garage door maintenance goes a long way to head off problems. A garage door can go up and down a thousand or more times per year. Consider a little maintenance instead of waiting until a problem develops.

If doing it yourself, make sure you unplug your garage door opener before doing any maintenance so you can be sure it doesn’t go up or down while you are working on it.
Lubricate the chain, or in some cases the screw. Your best bet is Lithium spray available at home improvement stores.

Make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight. They usually stay put but the doors move so often that it’s possible that they can work themselves loose.

If you are doing any maintenance on a door while it’s open, be sure and clamp the track below the door to keep it from coming down.

The safety sensors must be aligned. Make sure the nuts are tight. If they are loose, your sensors can come out of alignment and your door opener won’t work.

These are things you can do yourself if you wish. What you don’t ever want to do is touch the springs. These are under very high tension to do most of the heavy lifting. Without these springs, your garage door opener can’t lift the door. But leave them to professionals to avoid possible injury.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, call us to do the checkup and garage door maintenance for you. It’s an inexpensive way to make sure your garage door is in good working order. Give us a call. We’re American Door Masters, a family-owned-and-operated business serving the South Carolina Upstate. (864) 990-3075.